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Wild Christmas Cookies: a Recipe Round-Up

With less than two weeks before Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to make some wild Christmas cookies, whether you plan to leave them out for Santa, or to eat them all by your lonesome. Here are some of my favorites, each with a different wild ingredient.

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black walnut and carob dessert bar

Black Walnut and Carob Dessert Bar

I don’t call this a brownie because then you’d expect a deeply chocolate treat and you might be disappointed. (Life and dessert are all about managing expectations.) Carob is NOT a chocolate substitute and anyone who tells you otherwise is a big, fat liar. At the risk of sounding heretical: chocolate isn’t the only worthy dessert flavor out there. Carob has a lighter flavor than chocolate, and it’s naturally sweet. Strongly-flavored black walnuts add richness and depth.  Read more