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acorn baklava

Acorn Baklava (with a dash of Spicebush Berry)

When I was in Wisconsin last month, I taught a Forage to Table weekend with Melissa Price. We made a hortopita, and talked about other foraged foods we could make with phyllo dough. We also worked with acorns that weekend, and Sharon Hahn (thank you, Sharon Hahn!) asked if I’d ever made acorn baklava. “Why no, Sharon, I never thought of that. But that’s a helluva good idea!” I promised Sharon credit for inspiring this recipe, and boy does she deserve it. I’m not sure I ever would have thought of it myself. Read more

feral pear chutney

Savory Feral Pear Chutney Recipe

I’m a big chutney fan. I love the juxtaposition of sweet fruit and savory vinegar. I especially love chutneys in summer, because they’re the perfect accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses. Add a little chutney to yesterday’s roasted chicken or the last few slices of sharp cheddar, and you have yourself a picnic. This savory feral pear chutney isn’t a thick, syrupy condiment. The firm, barely sweet flesh of the feral pears is bathed in vinegar, foraged spices, and just a little brown sugar. It’s sharp and spicy and goes with just about everything. Read more

foraged macarons

Foraged Macarons (with Spicebush Berries & Crabapple Filling)

So I’m going to a holiday party tomorrow. It’s a pot luck and we’ve been assigned food groups based on the alphabet; I’ve been asked to bring something sweet. These are FOOD PEOPLE, so of course I want to impress them. And also of course, I want to bring something foraged, because that’s how I roll. But it has to travel well, I have to be able to make 25 of them, and it can’t melt (the party is an hour away). Read more