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Foraged Nocino: a Delicious Liqueur Made from Unripe Nuts

While most people think of nocino as a traditional Italian digestif, the recipe actually originated in Britain. The Picts (a Celtic tribe from Scotland), were known to become euphoric after drinking it, and I get that. They harvested green walnuts at the summer solstice, and at the same time celebrated the new green walnut harvest by drinking the previous year’s brew. Legend has it that the Romans took the recipe for nocino back to Italy when they left Britain behind. Read more

pineapple weed liqueur

Pineapple Weed Liqueur: a Toast to Summer

What can I say about this silky, golden liqueur? That it tastes like summer? That it’s easily made from a common weed that grows from the Arctic Circle to Baja California? That mixed with prossecco it’s the perfect summer aperitif, and poured straight over a single ice cube it’s delicious enough to be dessert? All of these things are true about pineapple weed liqueur. Read more