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Queen Anne's Lace Tonic

Naturally Effervescent Queen Anne’s Lace Tonic

I never know what to call this kind of beverage. A cordial? A soda? To some people, the word cordial means a liqueur, but this drink is alcohol-free. And the word soda brings up mental images of two-liter bottles of Coke (at least to me!), so that’s not right either. This is an effervescent, naturally fermented, non-alcoholic beverage that will knock your socks off. So I’m calling it Queen Anne’s Lace Tonic, and here’s how you make it. Read more

Queen Anne's Lace Jelly

Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly: Recipe

For years I disdained making Queen Anne’s Lace jelly, believing it to be merely sweet, without distinctive flavor. I’d heard lackluster reviews from fellow foragers, but this year I decided to see for myself and boy am I glad I did. Because Queen Anne’s Lace jelly has a lovely flavor: fruity, not too sweet…it kind of reminds me of juicy fruit gum, but less sweet, with longer lasting flavor, and no chemical aftertaste. Read more

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

The queen has hairy legs.

Don’t forget that. It’s a key identification factor for Queen Anne’s Lace.

Queen Anne’s Lace is a member of the carrot family, Apiaceae. Foragers know: you don’t mess around with the Apiaceae. It includes a number of highly poisonous plants, so understanding how to safely identify the edible members of this plant family is very important.¬†Fortunately, Queen Anne’s Lace is easy to recognize when you know what to look for.¬† Read more