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How to Dry Your Wild Harvest

Drying is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to preserve your herbs, fruits, and mushrooms. Dried harvests are easy to store (no freezer space required!) and don’t heat up your kitchen in the middle of summer, like canning does. So if this has been a banner year for wild garlic or blueberries or porcini, why not fill your pantry with beautiful jars of dried, wild produce?

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how to preserve your mushroom harvest

The Best Way to Preserve Your Mushroom Harvest

They don’t call it mushroom hunting for nothing. While mushrooms may be perennial, they are never predictable. That’s part of what makes it so darned exciting. When you hit the mushroom jackpot, you could easily go home with 30 pounds of choice fungi, in which case you better know how to preserve your mushroom harvest! Mushrooms are highly perishable, and different mushrooms require different preservation methods to maintain their deliciousness.  Read more