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I’m a gardener by profession, a forager by nature, and a cook by necessity. Why necessity? Because I love to eat. By the time I’ve finished breakfast, I’ve figured out what I’ll be making for lunch. It’s THAT important to me.

If wild foods weren’t delicious, I wouldn’t be interested in them. These are un-buyable flavors. Of course there’s the thrill of the hunt, and the satisfaction of feeding yourself for free. But for me, the single most important aspect of wild edibles is that they taste terrific. It’s great to know which wild foods you could feed yourself with if you had to, but wild edibles are more than just survival food. Prepared correctly, with imagination and skill, wild edibles rival ANY food, ANYwhere.


why is foraged food so delicious?

wild foods class

Wild edibles aren’t picked early to make shipping easy. They’re not bred for long shelf life or appearance. Wild edibles are harvested at their peak, when they are most delicious and perfectly ripe. They have un-buyable flavors you won’t find on the shelf of any grocery store. Seasonal, local foods are all the rage these days and nothing could be more seasonal and local than wild edibles. And have I mentioned organic? You KNOW no one is out there spraying chemical fertilizers on the milkweed!

Making the most of your foraged harvest requires not only correctly identifying and safely harvesting your wild edibles (avoiding pesticides and pollutants), but also knowing how to prepare these unusual ingredients so they really shine. I’m here to help with that.